By: Zandria Johnson

CodeToHope finished the year 2019 strong, with many successes and positive outcomes. As we begin to develop our strategy for 2020, reflect with us on some of our 2019 contributions!


124+ devices donated to CodeToHope via donation drives and fundraisers.


With continued work in our core program Jump into Tech and our Mission Trips, we helped to empower students and leaders in Benin and Brazil.

  1. One mission trip to Benin with 19 volunteers total from North America and Brazil for solar panel installation and university seminars
  2. Electricity by solar panels were brought into a total of four Beninese communities – Sohon, Ganvié, Comé, and Lintan A
  3. Four tech solutions developed by the Benin core team:, Pintche, AgroConnect, and Feu Vert
  4. In Benin, Jump into Tech enrollment reached a total of 6,700+ students and 24 teachers trained those students in the Jump into Tech program
  5. In Brazil, Jump into Tech impacted 60 students of college undergrad level and 10 high school students by workshops, lectures, and a pilot technical innovation project


CodeToHope established four pilot programs through partnerships with local NGOs/institutions in Benin. Through these partnerships we:

  1. Donated 200+ beds to Jacquot Psychiatric Center located in Benin
  2. Fundraised Emergency Funds for poor families with complicated childbirth
  3. Raised funds for rural communities’ health center to provide women with postpartum depression access to healthcare
  4. Provided incubators to two health center communities


Due to the work accomplished in 2019, CodeToHope was honored with two awards:

  1. Best Patient Safety Initiative and Outreach in Rural Areas
  2. Visionary Leader and Young Achiever Award

We would like to thank all of our volunteers, institutions and partners around the world for your continued support as we aim to empower lives in West Africa and South America! Stay tuned for what we have planned this year as we continue in our journey to bridge the gap in technology.

Are you interested in being a part of our 2020 journey? Complete the volunteer form here. If you wish to donate, you can do so by clicking here.