Caitlin Wiederspiel

A Huge Thanks Is in Store for Our Latest Donor: Give it Up for Caitlin Wiederspiel


At CodeToHope, it’s our goal to give impoverished children access to the very same information as every other child through technology. We truly believe that the power of technology is vast; it can improve access to health care and education, creates opportunities for those in poverty, empowers communities and spurs economic growth. Because of its power, we want to provide children and young adults the technological tools they need to improve their lives. We at CodeToHope aim to improve computer literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa, focusing in the Benin Republic. Unfortunately, technology can be expensive. That’s where our donors, mentors and volunteers come into play. Our program Jump Into Tech gives children the necessary exposure and training on basic computer skills, but it’s only made possible through donations from people like you. Caitlin Wiederspiel, a 17-year-old from New Jersey, is one of Jump Into Tech’s latest donors!

Caitlin is currently a senior at Montgomery High School. She lives with her parents, brother and two dogs in a small town in New Jersey called Skillman. Caitlin is an extremely well-rounded student and person despite her young age. Caitlin is a member of the National Honor Society and her school’s student council, and she’s also an avid softball player. Since the age of five, Caitlin has been a part of the Montgomery travel softball program. This softball star is currently on the Montgomery High School’s varsity softball team, and she serves as a volunteer coach for the junior teams in the Montgomery travel softball program. Caitlin’s commitment to giving back to her community doesn’t stop at coaching young softball stars, though. Ms. Wiederspiel is extremely active in the charitable scene within her community. Specifically, Caitlin has lead fundraising efforts like local car washes, clothing drives and Operation Smile for the military within her community.

Caitlin possesses a unique philanthropic urge that many other 17-year-olds do not have. It is this passion to help others that inspired her to lead an effort to gather donations for Jump Into Tech. Caitlin was able to facilitate an impressive donation drive that will greatly benefit our Jump Into Tech program, as well as the children who rely on this program’s success. After tallying up the donations, Caitlin was able to collect over 60 different electronic devices that will go a long way with the children that our program benefits. This extensive collection and donation effort includes laptops, phones, iPads, printers and internet routers. We are so grateful for Caitlin’s efforts—every single item that she was able to collect for donation will be put to great use in our program. These donations will be sent to our trained staff in the Sub-Saharan African communities. There, staff from CodeToHope will facilitate its use to help children and young adults become computer literate. We rely on volunteers and individuals like Caitlin for our program to be successful, and we are extremely thankful for Caitlin’s efforts!