By: Zandria Johnson

CodeToHope officially went public as a 501(c)(3) charity organization on this day, 4 years ago!!!



We have been giving back to underprivileged communities and #Techin’Since2016, but May 12, 2017 marks the day we reached an even bigger milestone as an organization!

We couldn’t do it without our founder, Philemon Padonou, and the CodeToHope leadership team including Kopi Ramsay, Shivani Mehta, Brandon Walton, Callis Sam-KwaKwa, and Vish Patel. These individuals continue to lead with fiery passion for empowering underprivileged communities through technology. Additionally, we are grateful for all of our amazing volunteers who have contributed to our mission throughout the years! 

With your help and support, we’ve been able to:

  • Forge partnerships with organizations to make a positive impact on the community through technology and beyond
  • Reshape and expand our programs (i.e. Jump Into Tech) to develop best practices and frameworks for continuous improvement on and off the scene
  • Develop mobile applications at the Benin Dev Center as solutions to real-time challenges in Benin
  • Travel to Benin to teach students and teachers about tech, provide aid, and implement innovative solutions on the ground
  • Expand our programs to new countries such as Brazil and Ghana

To all of our volunteers and supporters, thank you for all of your continued support and contributions. We look forward to what the future brings!