Jump Into Tech

At Code To Hope, our mission is to fight poverty by giving future leaders the tools they need to change their communities through technology. Unfortunately, many children in places around the world have never seen or even heard of a computer. Lacking understanding and access to these resources hinder many of the opportunities working with computers can provide. Our program Jump Into Tech, made possible through hardware donations and lessons from mentors, give children the exposure to basic computer skills necessary in the world today.

Technology can give a child living in poverty access to the same information as the most affluent child. Technology has the power to improve access to healthcare and education, foster economic growth, and create opportunities. We are seeking donations of computers in order to give these children and young adults access to technology. By also providing them with mentors to teach computer skills, we hope to gradually increase their technical skills over time. We truly believe investing in the IT education of youth can result in drastic economic improvement for the communities involved.

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