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Thank You Caitlin Wiederspiel!

A Huge Thanks Is in Store for Our Latest Donor: Give it Up for Caitlin Wiederspiel   At CodeToHope, it’s our goal to give impoverished children access to the very same information as every other child through technology. We truly believe that the power of technology...

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We’re Back!

The CodeToHope Blog is meant to be Our Voice. To share experiences from the US team, Benin team and the communities we impact that we hope will inspire others. A blog for you to get a better understanding of what we do and how we are fulfilling the CodeToHope mission.

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Our First Day in Benin

Our first day in Benin was very eye opening. From the time we landed, everything we saw and experienced was nothing like we were used to. The airport, grocery stores, traffic and living accommodations.

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Benin Volunteer Trip – October 2018

Several CodeToHope volunteers traveled to Benin in October of 2018 to volunteer on the ground in a few communities. Read more about their trip and the impact that CodeToHope is making!

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