School Backpacks

According to UNESCO, 247 millions of children in sub-Sahara African countries live in poverty and for them childhood can be very difficult. Life does not come with certainties likes nutrition, shelter, healthcare or education. Most of them show up on their first day of school without the necessary supplies to learn. School supplies expenses can be a heavy burden on parents who quite often have to choose between feeding their children and buying those essential school supplies. Our project is dedicated to change that by providing children the tools they need to be successful in the classrooms.

Through CodeToHope we’ve already helped hundreds of students by providing technology to communities who would not otherwise have access. Our next initiative is to help as many students as we can, live up to their potential by making education easier and accessible

On top of tuition fees, parents face costs for school bags, notebooks, writing utensils and supplies necessary to allow their child to fully attend school. We at CodeToHope aim to change that by providing school backpacks to 1000 children.

One way in which we aim to achieve our mission of ensuring that all students have the opportunity to receive a well-rounded education, is by offering school backpacks to students. We’re putting together school backpacks that include the basic essentials: a functional and durable school bag, pens, pencils, notebooks and a ruler. These are the bare necessities for a student to be able to learn – but even this is not always available to many students across the world.

By providing school backpacks to students, we’re helping to support the education of the next generation. We’re empowering students to create their own future and improve the socioeconomic status of their communities through education.

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