Solar Power, Goal: $80,000

Ganvie and So-Ava, Gbehoue, Sohon, Come are many remote villages in Benin, Africa where Codetohope is currently running. We will be donating computers to the 6000 students in the schools there. However, these villages currently have very limited access to electricity. Without reliable electricity, these students cannot power-up their computers. Without electricity, they cannot read or study in the evening. .

Your monetary donation will help us bring reliable power in the form of solar panels to these villages.

The more money we raise, the more solar panels we will be able to install. This is just as important as donating computers and other technology. Without power, computers are useless. Solar panels provide a good power solution in this area of Africa. They’re sustainable and renewable. After the initial setup they don’t require supplies from outside the village. They will last for up to 20 years, which is far longer than a generator will last. And they don’t require gasoline, which is difficult, if not impossible, to reliably get in this area.

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