By: Zandria Johnson

Our organization is led by volunteers, so it’s only right to shed light on their contributions. Check out a few of the roles that drive the organization and how these individuals continue to move the needle behind the scenes!


What does your volunteer work for CodeToHope entail?



Callis Sam-KwaKwa – Director of Software Engineering

My focus is on managing the IT infrastructure at the backend together with additional review of our team’s software development life cycle. Also, I help with the ground efforts of CodeToHope expansion in Ghana.



Ashley Lytle – Volunteer Trip Manager

I develop the strategy for our volunteer trips and ensure all volunteers are prepared for our travels.



Norbert Dadson – Ghana Site Lead

In my domain, I help with identifying schools within the community to undergo the CodeToHope program. This includes site surveys to determine the state of the school, its computer literacy rate and scouting a qualified teacher for the duration of the program. I then act as a liaison between the school and CodeToHope to help them attain their organizational goals.



Sophia Monaghan – Grant Manager

I identify funding opportunities, help with programmatic planning and defining rollout of programs like Jump Into Tech, from start to finish.




Kelly Kato – Research Lead

In my role, I provide research insights to inform the design of our programs. As a result, this ensures our interventions are based on evidence and follow best practices.





Of course, every volunteer has their own reasons for contributing to an organization. Each of our volunteers bring a unique background, set of experiences, and sense of purpose to the group.


When asked what drives their passion for CodeToHope, they said, 


“I bought into the vision of CodeToHope because I like to make a positive impact in the lives of the underprivileged and partnering with this team makes it fun and enjoyable!”





“Our commitment to providing resources to aid in our student’s education experience drives my passion to volunteer for CodeToHope. From technology to school supplies and even shoes, all of these resources positively impact our students. I am so happy to be a part of this amazing initiative!”





“During my year of volunteering in Ethiopia to conduct mental health research, I recognized the students’ need for STEM exposure and started a STEM club to support their school curriculum. After returning to the US, I wanted to find a sustainable way to continue volunteering for an organization doing work I felt passionately about, and Code to Hope was the perfect fit! I am passionate about supporting young kids with less access to the same types of resources that we have in higher income countries, because I feel that this is the foundation for education and improved quality of life, a belief that C2H also holds and carries out.”




“Growing up, with limited opportunities, unavailable resources and discriminatory factors, it took me longer than usual to attain my goals. It is of these reasons did I decide to volunteer for CodeToHope as the site lead for its Ghana Initiative.  The world revolves around tech and there isn’t a better way to give back to society than free education in technology.”




“I joined Code to Hope because I believe in the transformative power of education, health and technology. I am excited to be part of a passionate team that supports disadvantaged communities around the world!”