During the June 2019 trip to Benin, we installed four solar panels at the Ghehoué Primary School. To continue the efforts in installing additional solar panels in CodeToHope communities we partnered with a foundation in West Africa, the Andre Kanlidogbe Foundation. Their mission is to bring electricity to rural areas within West Africa. We then received funding from the J&J Matching Gifts Program. As a result, we were able to fully donate these funds to the Andre Kanlidogbe Foundation. This enabled them to purchase six additional panels and two batteries in Sohon. In addition, they have already brought electricity into three more communities – Ganvié, Comé, and Lintan A. They are on track to meet their target by providing electricity to eleven CodeToHope communities by Q1 (March) 2020.

We can already see the amazing results on the ground from the volunteers’ hard work. As we continue to make improvements to our volunteer program, we look forward to keeping the great momentum for our trip next year.

– Philemon Padonou

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